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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I watched an interview of a CEO the other day being conducted via Zoom on a major news network and could not believe how bad the quality was. The CEO had the opportunity to build his brand but so much of what he was trying to say just got lost. He had so much passion and his company is innovative and truly has something to offer. But I cannot help to wonder if that interview would not have been more impactful if he implemented a few basics in his video quality.

Part of your companies’ brand is the person. If you think of Tesla, who do you think of? … Elon Musk of course. If you went to a meeting, you would dress appropriately for that meeting. Yet in this digital age where most of our meeting are conducted digitally, few people take the time to properly plan for it.

One of the tools to help you present your “brand” better on camera is proper lighting. Video Lightning has evolved a lot since that old (very hot) red heads. LEDs are cool, power efficient and super portable. There are still expensive high-end models on the market, but the less expensive option will suffice for most of your online meeting needs.

Most of the time people accept that they just have an inferior quality camera and except the fact that they have poor quality video. In most cases this could improve significantly by just adding proper lighting. Just because your camera is capable of recording High Definition (HD) or even 4K, does not mean that it is capable of filming in low light. Without getting too technical, but when it comes to light, sensor size kind of maters. But we will cover that in another article about cameras.

Ring lights are available at almost all corner "Chinese shops". They are normally decently diffused and for the most, it will just give you that little edge and will help to reduce the digital noise on the too-dark areas of your videos a bit.

Since we have migrated from Tungsten lights to the LED lights, we had to sample many different brands and types of LED lighting. A few stood out above the rest, such as the very innovative Apurture MC lights.

Apurture Link: https://www.outdoorphoto.co.za/apurture-mc-rgbww-mini-led-light?tracking=610d442f1baa8

In combination with the handy Smartphone application, you can change these RGB lights using your phone's camera and with the light's wireless charging capabilities you can be assured that you will have enough light to get you through the video meeting. These lights are absolutely mind-blowing for video professionals as the limit to these lights are the video producers' creativity. This does not mean you cannot work for you as these lights can help to improve your camera quality significantly.

Other lights that might help you in getting high-quality video for your online meetings are the Godox ES45 E-Sport LED lights. This mid-range light kit can fit most desk spaces using the desk clamp and will help you get sufficient lighting.

Godox ES45: https://www.outdoorphoto.co.za/godox-es45-e-sport-led-light-kit?tracking=610d442f1baa8

You can also pick these lights up for a bargain all of the time. https://www.camerastuff.co.za/shop/88545-godox-bundle-godox-twin-e-sports-es45-kit-two-leds-two-desktop-mounts.html

We have been using multiple models of Godox lights in our video productions over the past couple of years and what I like about them is that they are affordable lightweight and have excellent power consumption. It is no surprise that Godox has catered a product specifically for the streaming market. Whether you stream games or look more professional on Zoom these lights will improve the quality of your video without taking up too much real estate on your desk.

By clamping these lights to your desk and shining the light on your face will improve your quality of video a lot, but if you want to impress your Zoom Buddies, even more, try to set up your lighting setup using the basic 3-point lighting principle.

By adding a third light as a backlight, makes all the difference in creating that "Pro Video" look and it makes you (the subject) stand out from your background by creating depth in your picture.

If you are the ‘Brand’ of your videos, then consider investing in some sort of lights, better audio and learn the basics of framing. This will go a long way to ensure you engage optimally with your attendees.


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