Zoom Meetings - Did you hear that?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

When it comes to online meetings most people do not mind if your video is off (Read this article for more information regarding your video during Zoom calls: https://www.creatingmemories.co.za/post/zoom-meetings-see-the-clear-picture. Although in the digital age we tend to lose that personal connection by having it off too. But having soft or inaudible audio is less forgiving.


I have work and numerous big events over the last two decades and I can honestly tell you that no matter how good the video, if a production has bad audio, then it is ruined.

The most common mistakes that I have come across with audio during Zoom meeting is the following:

  • Background noise

  • Bad microphone

  • Incorrect use of headphones

  • Incorrect audio settings

There are many different products on the market that would fit in your budget which would make a significant difference in your audio. Inexpensive headphones with built in mics can make it worst in certain cases. In ear headphones in conjunction with build-in laptop microphones works best for most and looks good too - It’s annoying for everyone to hear the conversation echo on the other side.

If you want to go all out:

There is a variety of desktop audio setups available for those of you that has to present online, train online or conduct Online/TV interviews. One of these setups is a RODE PodMic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone, together with a RODE RODECaster Pro Integrated Podcast Production Studio.

Both of these products are available at the links below:



The Wireless Route:

For those of you that do not require a full podcasting setup for your Online meetings and only require a good audio solution, the RODE Wireless GO Compact Wireless Microphone would be your best option. This industry favorite helps you get that crystal clear audio transmitted to your computer wirelessly and hassle-free. With a Transmitter unit you can easily clip to your jacket or to your shirt, and a receiver unit plugged in to your computer you will sound better during any online meeting or call.

If you are thinking of getting one of these wireless options, follow the link below:


Hide your Wireless Microphone:

In conjunction with the RODE Wireless Microphone, you can use good lavalier condenser microphone. This will help with isolating a lot of the background noise, like your neighbor cutting grass or a dog barking in the street, and will keep your voice clear during your online meetings. These microphones are also easy to hide under your shirt or jacket.

These are handy if you want or need to stand and present and can easily be used in combination with a video camera. I will share more about video cameras and presentation systems in the next article.



Let us know in the comments if there is a Zoom related topic you would like us cover or make a video about.


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