Your Business and Live Streaming

Chances are that you have watched a Live Stream at some point recently if it was on Facebook, YouTube or on Twitch. With the latest technological advancements in recent years, live streaming has become easier to do and more accessible for people to watch.

In a previous article we took a look at how users' media consumption has changed in the past couple of years: Read More and the data shows us that more and more people are using online platforms to consume media. With this in mind, you might think of using these platforms for live streaming to increase your audience.


What is Live Streaming?

First of all, we have to look at the meaning of what Live Streaming is. Live streaming is when video and audio sources are broadcasted to online platforms, where viewers and users can easily access the media via searching for the live stream program on those platforms or by accessing the media by a custom web link.

One of the great things about live streaming is that users can access the live stream by using all types of devices, smartphones, computers, tablets, smart TV's, game consoles and even on car radios.

Types of Live Streaming Events

As a company, you might not know what type of live streaming events you want to pursue. Here is a small list of live streaming events that might work for you and your company:

  • New Product Release

  • Update Clients on upcoming changes

  • Update Clients on Achievements for the company for the next Year

  • Corporate Events

  • Showcasing or explaining Products and Services

Where to Stream

As previously mentioned, there are multiple streaming platforms that your business can utilise to increase your online footprint. We took an in-depth view of how the consumption of media has changed in the past couple of years: Read More and what the consensus was that some of the best platforms to reach a big audience is by using YouTube and Facebook.

In many cases, a company does have a YouTube account or Facebook page, but you are not sure who has access to the account and has the correct roles to make changes to the account. The best way forward is to ensure that the correct person has access to the Account where you want to live stream too, this is usually the head of marketing and a select few.

How to Start a Live Streaming Event

When planning a live stream there are a few things to consider. One of the biggest things to consider is if you want to do the live stream yourself or if you want to get an outside company to handle the live stream for you. A big upside for getting a company to do the live stream for you is that the company have done a few live streams before and already have all the equipment to ensure a professional and good looking live stream.

For a quote, feel free to send us an email:

If you want to tackle a live stream on your own, you will need to think about some technical aspects of the live stream. Where are you going to stream to? How many camera angles are you going to have during the stream? How are you going to stream the content to the preferred platform?

Camera Selection

When live streaming a corporate event, good camera angles are an essential aspect of the stream. In most cases having just one camera angle for your event might come across as low-budget so for this exact reason, I would recommend to any company that would like to host a live event that there be two "angels", or in other words cameras to ensure that the production quality is high-end.

Currently, we are using a combination of multiple Canon Cameras for live streams that we offer to corporate companies. We use a Canon XA55 for a close-up video on the subject. What makes this camera a good choice is that the camera has a 4K sensor. So you have the ability to record video in 4K, or by recording in High Defenition.

Buy a Canon XA55: Click Here

Streaming Equipment

When it comes to getting the video and audio feed from these cameras Online, the best option is to use a stream mixing device. There are multiple products that range from very expensive, to very cheap. It all depends on what the application is you want to accomplish, as well as how difficult you want the streaming platform integration to be.

Currently, in our business, we require a small product that is very easy to set up, that connects to the streaming platform at ease and is rarely cheap as this device is going to travel through the whole country. The ideal product for us that checks all of these boxes is the Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro. This device can connect up to 4 Video sources using HDMI cables, 2 Audio Sources using 3.5mm Audio jacks, Internet Connection using LAN cable and you can preview your output using the output HDMI.

Blackmagic has a wide range of Mixing devices, that ranges from 4 video inputs up to 8 video input sources. All of these products are very easy to set up, light-weight, inexpensive (in the video industry) and gives you a very professional outcome.

Buy a Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro: Click Here

Stream Consultant / Behind the Scenes MC

A vital part of a live stream is getting an audience and keeping the audience engaged with your content. To ensure that your audience is kept engaged with the content, you need to communicate with the audience without taking away the experience of a professional event, and what better place as the comment section. All of the Online Streaming Platforms enables live comments while the event is ongoing.

The easiest way to engage in the comment section is to appoint a specific person that monitors the Live Comment section and engage with everyone that has questions or remarks. It is vital for this person to understand and know your company/product to ensure that the information they relate to the audience is precise and correct.



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