Upgrading your Social Media Game

Most companies have now realised the importance of a social media account but very few know where to start. Most local businesses that can’t afford expensive social media marketing agencies have very poorly managed social media accounts with bad graphics and tons of irrelevant information.

Furthermore, I mostly only see 3 things on social media: bragging, spamming and specials. Don’t get me wrong there is space for all of them, but the majority of your post should be informative and engaging.




If you have a plumbing business, provide plumbing tips – tell us how to save water and prevent drain blockages. If you sell short-term insurance, provide information on hailstorms and best practices in case of an accident. Hair salons can post about hair care and interesting facts about washing your hair too frequently and new diets for less grey hair – you get the point.

A good thing to keep in mind when you feel your posts are being ignored is to stop spamming everyone. Grow your account with useful content which everyone can benefit from.

There are some great apps such as Canva, Stencil and Crello to help anyone look like they are a design pro. Video is a bit more tricky because of the equipment needed but there is a variety of places available to rent cameras from and the chances are if we help you to create some video content it might even be less expensive than renting equipment.

So if you feel stuck and feel you need some help this year in creating video content for your social accounts, feel free to contact me for a consultation.





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