The importance of incorporating animations in video marketing

According to an article from Smart Insights, video marketing is still growing in popularity and it highlights that 92% of marketers believe that the interest in video content is still on the increase. Surprisingly very few companies have jumped on this vehicle yet. It might be that they think it is expensive and time-consuming but that has all changed. Animations can be fun and inexpensive. Here are some reasons why you should consider using animations as part of your marketing strategy or video material.

It simplifies complex concepts

I’ve seen it over and over again that animation can help to simplify difficult concepts. With animations, it can be easier to convey abstract ideas where video content may be lacking and hard to come by. It is also easier to explain and incorporate screen-recording of “how-to videos” such as how to open a Gmail account for example.



It’s fun

Animation characters are expressive and can be whimsical. Pair that with a great voiceover artist and perfect music and it is not only informative but entertaining.

Can be inexpensive

Animations not only cuts out the need for hiring expensive talent but also safe on location cost, film crew, gear and not to mention time! All you need is a good script and a very creative animator. Voiceover artist also used to be an expensive process but can now be extremely affordable and you could get a voiceover done to sound like your favourite movie actor/actress.

Animations are customizable

Need to change a price or character – done! Things change, that’s just the way it is and these days they change fast. It is not so easy to reshoot a video but very easy to change a background or swap out a character.

So how long does it take to create an animation? On average we spend 3-4 days on a 1 min animation from start to finish (Providing we have finalized script). And yes, that includes voiceover and awesome (non-cheesy) production music.

Why not give it a try. Give us a call.




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